Artist Talk by Charlotte Walentin on Wednesday 21st of March at 6pm

My work is process based, generally somewhere in between painting and object although I often use drawing as a starting point or a reference. I am interested in the surface of painting, how it may relate to the body and the rest of the room, but also its ability to carry traces of time and process.

I generally try to create a situation there form or concept is put against process.  By using a distinct form or structure, I establish a border or boundary in order to test, bend, disintegrate or undermine it. This strategy is a bit similar to the dramaturgy of horror movies; you need to establish the idyllic setting to be able to  stir it.

I have especially taken an interest in using textile materiality in order to locate a place in between the personal and the artificial, body and object, and, if one wish, the familiar and the strange.

The Unwoven I+II, 2016, Dyed fabric, acrylic glass (1)155 x ø 20 cm (2) 90 x ø 30 cm

You have the opportunity to meet Charlotte during her Artist Talk on Wednesday 21st of March at 6 pm. Very welcome!